The early bird catches the work!

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Clients keep telling us they continue to lose potential candidates applying for positions within their organisation because the recruitment process is taking too long.

A primary area of the process is the pre-employment assessment where the average timeline for a candidate to get booked in, assessed and the report sent back to the recruiter, in Perth, is averaging at two and half weeks!!  No wonder candidates are moving on. 

With the employment market as hot as it is and demand so high, you need to move quickly.  The Fit4Work Systems screening process is reducing the time it takes because you are not having to put every candidate through the pre-employment assessment process…. only those that are identified as needing an assessment based on the job role for which they are applying. 

Join the clients that are jumping to the front of the queue and keeping their candidates. Contact us to discuss how Fit4Work Systems can help you.  



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