Fit4Work Systems gives you confidence to assess and fast track your candidates, so you can achieve your recruitment objectives. Our simple screening process allows recruiters to start maximising their outcomes immediately.
Customized Screening
Recruiters use individual company job profiles thar are audited for detail and specificity by Fit4Work Systems for their hiring process. Each candidate is assessed against the medical and physical demands of the specific role for which they are applying. This precision ensures that the screening outcomes for each candidate are accurate and dependable, effectively mitigating any potential risks related to mismatch beteen candidates and the various job role requirements as well as reducing the likelihood of any workplace injuries.


With a simple click, recruiters can instantly dispatch the assessment to candidates through our system va a pre-authenticated SMS and a back-up email, allowing candidates to complete the screening from anywhere across the globe, as long as they have a phone and an internet connection.


In contrast to the traditiional approach of subjecting all candidates to a ‘one fits all’ lengthy and costly medical and/or functional assessment, our system offers an efficient solution, enabling candidates to complete the screening questionnaire in approximately 10 minutes with recruiters receiving results in a report within 10 minutes, reducing waiting times for results.


Thanks to our tailored approach that combines automated assessments with specific job role requirements, the instantaneous report delivered to recruiters not only presents candidate results but interprets them, clearly advising tehir suitability for the role. This approach ensures recruiters can swiftly make informed decisions, expediting the recruitment process.


A new outcome we have introduced within our process is “A Letter”. If the report generates this result, the system auto-generates those points that the candidate needs to get his doctor to cover in the letter.


Fit4Work Systems is being built to ISO Certification 27001 and 27016. If data is to be retained (at the client’s request) it will be anonymised and stored offline (please note this is a separate commercial transaction to that of the screening process).


All organisations, big or small, across all industry sectors globally.


The system is currently developing a video-based process showing the candidate completing three exercises from which information is gathered and correlated to the physicality of the job the candidate is applying for and can determine if there is a mismatch between the functional capabilities of the candidate and the physical demands of the job role being applied for.  The biometric data pulled from the photos also contributes to this aspect.

The process takes approximately 10 minutes to set up per individual using the system.  This can be done face-to-face or over a digital meeting.

The Fit4Work Systems screening process is simple and user friendly.  The assessment is specific to the job role being applied for by the candidate.  It takes only minutes to be completed by the candidate.  The recruiter receives a fully interpreted report within minutes to allow for the next decision to be made for the candidate in the recruitment process, reducing the likelihood of the company losing the candidate to the competition.  The time taken overall is significantly reduced, as is the cost, making the process a welcome change to the traditional style of assessment currently used.

Fit4Work Systems will review existing company job profiles against the Fit4Work Systems job profile library and then a decision is made on which is the most appropriate to use.

The major difference between the traditional methods of pre-employment medical and functional assessments and Fit4Work Systems screening process is that we don’t assume that everybody needs an assessment for every job role!

Client Testimonials

“The results from using Fit4Work Systems® to date include 89% of candidates not requiring either a pre-employment medical or functional assessment… it has improved the efficiency of our recruiting processes immensely and significantly improved a rapid project ramp up with no discernible increase in risk.”

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“…we found the system to be user friendly cost effective and reduced turnaround time by up to 60%, a critical consideration when dealing in the fast-moving shut down environment.”

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