Does Fit4Work Systems have insurance?

Fit4Work Systems is insured with Qanta Insurance, who are underwritten by Lloyds of London.  Certificates of Currency available on request.

How does Fit4Work Systems protect the data collected?

Fit4Work Systems is being built to ISO Certification 27001 and 27016.  It is important to note that Fit4Work Systems does not retain any candidate/client information once it has been used to complete the screening assessment.  If data is to be retained (at the client’s request) it will be anonymised and stored offline (please note this is a separate commercial transaction to that of the screening process).

How do you prevent candidates from lying?

The simple answer is that you cannot stop people from lying.  It is well known that there is no known process of telling if someone is lying or withholding the truth when completing a questionnaire or in a face-to-face situation when being asked questions, for example, by a doctor.  It would not be in the interest of a candidate to lie or withhold the truth as if the information was required for example, a workers’ compensation claim and it is found the claimant had lied then the claim would be nullified.

How does the Fit4Work System cover the functional assessment aspect of the traditional assessment configuration?

The system is currently developing a video-based aspect showing the candidate completing three exercises from which information is gathered and correlated to the physicality of the job the candidate is applying for and can determine if there is a mismatch between the functional capabilities of the candidate and the physical demands of the job role being applied for.

How does Fit4Work Systems differ from other current forms of Pre-employment medical and functional assessments offered?

Firstly, Fit4Work Systems entire process is completed online.  The candidate enters all information via the phone or other electronic device, which can be done anywhere in the world at any time.  This significantly reduces the time frame of the recruitment cycle.

Secondly, each candidate is assessed against their specific job profile (position specific).  In most assessments currently completed every candidate is assessed the same way irrespective of the job role.

The total process only takes 10 minutes before the recruiter of a company has a fully interpreted one page report on a candidate from which a decision for the next step of further assessments or company mandated assessments followed by mobilisation to the job can be made.

Simplicity of the process, end user experience and significantly reduced stress on the recruiter themselves, freeing up time to complete other work tasks.

If further assessments are recommended, Fit4Work Systems provides a recommendation via the screening process for the company to decide whether the candidate needs the assessments to be done.

Lastly, the price is substantially less than that of a standard pre-employment medical and functional assessment.

What happens if you don’t have a particular Job Profile?

Fit4Work Systems will review existing company job profiles against the Fit4Work Systems job profile library and then decision is made on which is the most appropriate to use.

What is the point of difference with Fit4Work Systems?

The major difference between the traditional methods of pre-employment medical and functional assessments and Fit4Work Systems is that we don’t assume that everybody needs an assessment for every job role!