Our History

The Founder of Fit4Work Systems, Mark Armstrong, is an Exercise Physiologist with over 25 years of experience behind him. Since 1995, he has worked in the areas of health, rehabilitation, and pre-employment functional assessments across all major industry sectors.

In 2016, Mark undertook the role of reviewing a major client’s recruitment process, to which he uncovered four areas of concerns. These were the cost, time involved, stress of the employer/recruiter, and lastly, the difficulty of interpreting medical and functional information in candidates’ assessments. From here, Mark worked with this company and two others, as foundation customers, to find a solution to these issues.

In 2017, Mark approached these three companies to become involved in a project to create a more valuable set of recruitment assessments.  This proved to be a highly successful and enriching experience which resulted in the development of a prototype, which was subsequently tested and led to having a minimum viable product for a new on-line pre-employment screening assessment, which was registered by the company Fit4Work Systems in 2019 following 3 years of initial research and development by the Founder.

Welcome to our newly developed, tested and customer proven screening assessment process Fit4Work Systems!