Are commonly used pre-employment assessment formats the most effective?

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The issue amongst many business owners and operators across all industry sectors is the cost-effectiveness and value of pre-employment assessments. For evidence on this specific topic you can’t go past the review of papers by S Whittaker (and others) back in the early 1990’s – during which time he instigated a National audit of pre-employment assessments used within the NHS (National Health Service) in the United Kingdom. 40 NHS occupational health units participated by providing specific information on their pre-employment assessments by filling out a standard questionnaire, this resulted in 9139 questionnaire returns. The results of this audit were conclusive with the major finding being that “the most common method of assessment was the use of a self-administered questionnaire alone. The outcome of these assessments for 98% of all applicants was that they were ‘fit for work’. ”Contact Fit4Work Systems to find out more about our simple and cost-effective pre-employment medical and functional assessment screening tool that will add value and revolutionise the way you recruit team members.(Reference: Audit of pre-employment assessments by occupational health departments in the National Health Service. S Whittaker , T C Aw Occupational Medicine (London). 1995 Apr;45(2):75-80. )



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